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Stay Exclusive

““A perfect tool for the perfect trickster. Not many people know about curating, the RCA or will ever see this artwork. This makes the tape a weapon of deception unknown to almost all who encounter it. I want it for this reason. I want it because art, curating and expensive art education is exclusive and this work is unknown and will remain so. Having this tape roll will make me feel like an exclusive trickster. I hope more people don't find out about your work.””


Turns out I am fulfilled easily

“The future prospect of this t-shirt seems to have fulfilled me already. I didn't realise that I could be fulfilled so easily, or is this a result of capitalism convincing me that the prospect of receiving is enough to keep going, keep slogging and to be a piece of the machine. This is how they control us, the utopian thought of fulfilment, whether t-shirts, fame or fortune. I think I am probably a fulfilment slut - it won't be long until I move onto the next prospect I'm sure! Current status = fulfilled”



“It looks amazing, I like white shirt with some pattern on it, especially these kind of paintings. Im delighted to take part in such an awesome art fair/activity. To be honest, I feel that this shirt can bring a cold wind in the coming summer. And I will deliver this message to my friend who interested in. To share the love and spirit of art. I hope it will be delivered to my house as soon as possible. Then I can put it on and take a selfie to post on social media. I can’t wait to see it!!”


coolest girl in the zoom

“I don't know about anyone else but I'm sick of making my bed every time I enter a zoom room. Fulfilment Services Ltd. finally resolved that issue for me quickly and efficiently with this fun and far more professional (than my bedroom) zoom background. Now I'll be sure to succeed in that next zoom interview. Thanks FSL !!”


Looks cool

“You see this Tshirt and you think: Wow this is cool. My unfulfillment mostly comes from my artistic failures which I often blame on not being cool enough. I make paintings and that is just not cool these days. Being an RCA graduate is not so cool either considering how low this place has gone in the past few years and a lot of my personal cool factor has sunken with it. Also, I'm getting old and my body is aging which is something I have been trying to solve by doing lots of yoga so I'm very excited to wear this tshirt to my Shoreditch cool-people yoga studio once it reopens and reminding the folks of what's up with the eco-crisis and all.”


“‘Mama told me (aye) not to sell work (mama) Seventeen five, same colour T-shirt (white)’ This doesn't look like just any white T-shirt. Hand-sprayed, the world’s in crisis. Eco-made. Here we are, thinking material items bring us joy and happiness. What if the supply chain and where it came from made us feel good? Should we even feel good about that? What if the politics and the fight for freedom that we practise made us feel good? Should we even feel good about that? But if we don’t feel good we stop. We abstract ourselves from all that is going on. Perhaps we can find fulfilment in coming together collectively, building on the ideas of people saying this world is not enough, I will not stand for the destruction it causes.”


These postal adventures are indeed fascinating.

“I plead guilty, I am very unlucky in these matters. I no longer count the number of luggage lost or damaged by airlines and packages that never arrived. [...] I thought you had forgotten and I didn't dare to ask you again. Nevertheless, I am sure that I never received a notification from the delivery company. Unfortunately, it is quite common [...] for delivery agents not to come by and for packages to be sent back. I'm sorry for not having used tracked packaging tape before.”


Stick It 2: The Man

“I love stickers so much. I once won a pack of stickers so now every time I get a new sticker I feel like a WINNER! Winner winner sticker dinner! I stick stickers to everything so everyone knows how fulfilling my life is when there are stickers on it. Some may say that my love for stickers is a reflection of my attachment issues and they would be absolutely correct. Love is fleeting but stickers are forever. These particular stickers would look really good on my mirror, so they can look at me while I look at myself. That's a fulfilment cycle.”



“I really want to show up to my meeting with the coolest zoom background. This will do the trick. I used to think I felt fulfilled when I entered a room with my new suicoke crepes, but now it's all about the zoom background. People will look on in awe as the animation and art occur behind me, as if I am in an alternate reality. It will break the ice, people will joke ‘where are you Kez?’ Laughter, smiles and mesmerised eyes. The expansion of your imagination. That is what fulfilment is. Something that gives back and keeps on giving.”



“Everyone faces various crises from the moment they born. Every parting,every self-breakthrough,every time we spent on sadness is a crisis moment in the growth crisis. Life is unpredictable,also it is not so friendly to the majority of people. Everytime when people feel they are fooled by life,they have so many restrictions between them and the inner peace,this is the timing of crisis. Although,people can not fully control or change what gonna happen in the life,or in the future life. People can change their own attitude by welcome crisis in their life,take more adventure,try to look the passive aspect of crisis and try to make friends with crisis and also with themselves.”


I need this to prove I'm cool

“From the second I saw this T-shirt I knew I needed it. It’s merch but also a limited edition item linked to a curatorial project by university students. It’ll be a wearable sign of both fashion cred but also “I’m culturally informed” cred. Fulfilment to me is when I can wear big baggy edgy clothes that can hide me behind a shield, a performed identity that masks the insecurities that lie underneath. But I’ll also stand out because of the bold yet DIY aesthetic of this funky t shirt. Win win.”


Arvid&Marie have finally got me thinking!!

“What is the tech-industry’s doctrine of simplicity? Arvid&Marie have finally got me thinking and with stickers to place on the same every day objects that consume me, perhaps I'll be reminded of that question and the realities behind it. Fulfilment through reflection, the best type.”


who tracking who ...

“as it says -- tracked , this product will bring a needed point of how stuff can cross borders , but people get stopped --- you next package requires this tape treatment -- make your packages transform a post box to a space for conversations --- dont be shy , get some”


Sticking with this product

“Having tape around is hard enough. It’s one of those things that you need but you never seem to have, or it’s on its last legs. Thats why I choose Florence’s Tracked Tape. The two in one sleek design is fit for any postal needs with an added bonus of added tracking function so you never have to pay extra at the post office. Thanks fulfilment service for this amazing product 👌🏽”



“T̷h̸i̸s̶ ̴p̵r̶o̸d̸u̸c̴t̸ ̴a̶p̵p̷e̶a̷r̵s̸ ̸t̶o̷ ̸b̸e̷ ̸s̴t̴r̷a̴i̶g̶h̵t̷f̷o̴r̷w̴a̸r̴d̸:̶ ̷j̶u̵s̸t̵ ̶a̵ ̷g̴o̸o̸d̵ ̷o̴l̵d̴ ̷p̸a̷c̵k̴i̸n̷g̵ ̷t̵a̷p̶e̸.̴ ̶T̸h̵e̷s̶e̴ ̵d̶a̵y̶s̸ ̶I̵'̴v̶e̸ ̵f̷o̵u̵n̴d̷ ̴m̷y̸s̵e̷l̶f̷ ̴s̷h̴i̴p̷p̵i̵n̷g̶ ̴a̸ ̶l̸a̸r̶g̷e̶ ̸a̷m̸o̶u̶n̸t̵ ̷o̸f̷ ̸o̴b̶j̸e̵c̸t̷s̶ ̷a̷n̴d̸ ̸p̴r̷e̴s̸e̷n̶t̷s̴ ̷t̴o̷ ̷f̴r̸i̶e̴n̴d̶s̴,̴ ̵t̴o̷ ̶f̸e̵e̷l̴ ̵l̵i̴k̷e̵ ̴w̸e̴ ̷a̸r̸e̸ ̵a̸ ̶b̷i̸t̵ ̸c̷l̷o̶s̶e̶r̴ ̸a̶g̴a̵i̸n̶ ̶d̴u̶r̶i̶n̴g̷ ̴t̴h̸e̴ ̴p̷a̴n̷d̵e̸m̷i̵c̷ ̶y̸e̶a̴r̸.̸ ̸U̴s̶i̶n̵g̷ ̷a̶ ̷t̷a̷p̸e̴ ̶w̷i̶t̷h̶ ̸a̴ ̴'̴t̸r̴a̸c̶k̵e̵d̶'̶ ̸m̴e̸s̷s̷a̷g̸e̷ ̴m̸a̷y̷ ̸a̵p̷p̶e̵a̸r̸ ̴i̷n̸t̸i̷m̷i̵d̵a̵t̸i̴n̴g̸ ̸a̶t̵ ̴f̸i̷r̵s̴t̷,̷ ̸b̵u̴t̵ ̶i̴t̴ ̴r̶e̶a̷l̶l̴y̸ ̶j̶u̸s̸t̸ ̵i̸s̴ ̷t̵h̶e̸ ̸2̶0̵2̸1̶ ̶w̶a̴y̴ ̸t̴o̷ ̸k̶e̷e̷p̸ ̵i̵t̴ ̶'̶h̵o̷n̸e̷s̶t̵'̸.̷ ̴I̶t̴ ̵i̴s̴ ̵h̷o̶n̷e̵s̵t̵ ̵t̴o̴ ̸a̶n̷n̴o̶u̶n̶c̷e̸ ̴t̶h̸e̵ ̶s̴t̷a̴t̷u̶s̶ ̷o̸f̶ ̸a̷ ̸s̴e̵n̴t̶i̵m̸e̷n̷t̸a̶l̴ ̶p̵a̵r̸c̵e̷l̸ ̸a̵s̵ ̴j̸u̷s̴t̴ ̸a̵n̷o̸t̶h̷e̷r̴ ̷t̴r̵a̶c̷k̸e̸d̸ ̶p̶a̷r̵c̶e̴l̵.̵ ̵I̴t̴ ̴k̷e̶e̵p̶s̵ ̷t̶h̷i̷n̶g̵s̵ ̷c̸o̶n̶t̷e̶m̵p̴o̸r̸a̶r̵y̴.̸”


I want stickers

“I know they are watching me, on the streets, through my phone, while I order my product. These CCTV stickers will offer me a quick way to go undercover. To become part of the invisible infrastructures rather than the visible. Fulfilment is not something you can always see, nor is it something that should always be watched. Being invisible to technology's intrusive gaze is an act of resistance and fulfils a different need – to feel in control of your decisions and desires.”


AWARENESS IN the urban construct

“its important to be vigilant for the safety of the urban dweller, but we know know this is a space that can be overly controlled --- MAke sure to see this Product as a tool to have a parallel gaze on any of the metropoli around the globe -- WE ARE BEING WATCHED--- so this simple action is a fulfilment of looking out for each other and now capitalism that wants us to be divided . Point surveillance out, map them and making your findings public !”



“I will probably wrap my self up in this tape and walk the streets of London alone, at night, singing, naked, freed and full and I will feel very very safe. Right now I can't think of anything else I need a part from this tape that, seems like the world rn. Nothing is more important than him. I meannnn, it! Versatile. Might even turn it into a necklace if a feel inspired. Will I? Will I actually enjoy wearing this as a jewel on top of armour of safety and kindness? Most certainly yes. I need this tape. Will look sick next to my iPhone case they match colour. My iPhone also make me feel safe so, they will be good friend. I am ready. Send over.”


Love This

“Choosing your background for Zoom can be hard and a delicate process. Nobody wants to pick a background that says wtf ya big laymo. So when zooming, sometimes you just want to make a good impression on a business meeting where the person you have never met says, "Hey you with the cool background, I like your style. Let's do business". That's why I gave 5 stars to Frank Wang Yefeng background. Thanks Fulfilment Services Ltd, now I can Zoom zoom in style.”


Think of The Blue Sky

“This T-shirt’s blue and white make me think of the blue sky and white clouds in London, this will bring me good mood everyday. I’m leaving London this summer, this will remind me of London spring when I’m abroad. I can also imagine the billboards in front of the blue sky, that’s fantastic; and I wish I could visit the billboards by myself someday. I check the schedule Friday is sunny, so maybe I will check personally on Friday.”


Stick it to the Man

“When the world has screwed you And crushed you in its fist When the way you're treated Has got you good and pissed There's been one solution Since the world began Don't just sit and take it Stick it to the man Sorry... I just thought about the School of Rock for a sec there. I can't wait to go around and stick these all over the place. Gonna stick it to the man.”



“Out of socks but thought I might leave one anyway. You know how it is, you never know the sky cry one more and make it land to my doorstep. The blue blue reminds of my favourite ice cream flavour when I was a kid, called Smurf, which I wasn't allow to eat cause made my tong lips teeth blue and my dad used to get severely embarrassed by that. None wants a smurfed daughter. Not even in summer time. The spontaneous handwriting reminds me of better days and high school strikes when I was ok to be called anarchist and I had no idea what that meant. The loose fit I feel will be perfect for mestrual days where you can't really (also) be asked to stick to a shirt's need. I am sad this is out of stock. Hope it comes back quick. If at all. Might be cool for you if it does, so I won't make my own and not-mention your service in copyright.”


I’m so done with being surveilled all the time

“I want these stickers because I’m so done with being surveilled all the time. Although to be completely honest my recent thinking around surveillance has shifted so much especially because of my re-ignited fear of walking around London alone. Now I don’t even know if I love surveillance because of how many true crime podcasts I listen to or if I hate it based on the principle of privacy. Either way I know that these stickers will fulfil me because there’s nothing quite receiving a parcel to brighten up your day”


Labor remorse?

“It is a dark time, friends. Will this shirt fulfill me? I don't know, but I'm eager to find out. Products can sometimes fill the emptiness of our current existence, or at the very least, they can convince us they will. At a minimum, I doubt I'll have buyer's remorse from writing this review, although that remains to be seen. Can labor remorse be a thing? Is it already a thing? Either way, I'll feel fulfilled in my desire to look pretty cool this summer, and that should be enough for me.”





Feeling fulfiled

“This tape will fulfil me in the most practical of senses. My post wrapped up and tracked, securely. The books I will exchange with my sister each month – tracked. The faulty bag I will return – tracked. The fragile bowl in bubble wrap I will move house with – tracked. I can hear the sticky scratch as I pull the first layer of tape from its tightly packed fossil, like a shell. Thinking about it more… you know what will fulfil me most? The ripping of the tape. In one smooth action the plastic will tear off in an almost perfect line. The tape so weighty and solid in its roll becomes a light sticky strip, trying to grab on to whatever it can. Wounds of long strips will give my packages a crunchy hollow feel, with the warning of ‘tracked’ asserting their value. That makes me feel safe and happy.”



“here is a great , product to have for the coming zoooooooms we will be having , flip the script by having this as your background - with our eye contact being transformed into this psuedo-connection with whom we talk to , it tires us out, cos there is no energy transferrance -- the flip the scrip is a fun and wacky background - laughters sonics is you meetings salvation”


“Packing tape is just the very definition of fulfilment isn't it. I can't wait to use my tape to tape up all my empty amazon boxes from all the impulse purchases I made in an attempt to fill the void. I'll then leave these empty boxes at people's doors and they'll be so excited because they think their delivery arrived but in reality there's nothing inside, and that's just capitalism in a nutshell isn't it? Nothing will fulfill me more than the look on their face when they realise their Nutribullet hasn't actually been dispatched yet and they might have to wait another day for it, because whatever will they do with one day less of green juice? I just hope that they recycle the packaging after.”



“Like the iconic Pussycat Dolls song, Stickwitu, these stickers ain't gonna bring me down, ain't nobody gonna love me better, ain't nobody gonna take me higher. In fact another Pussycat Dolls song that these stickers make me think of is When I Grow Up, because I certainly didn't know I would be who I am today when I grew up, but perhaps that is a result of the surveillance state and feeling constantly watched? Much food for thought, and I can't wait to ponder these questions while staring at my new stickers. I've stuck all over my laptop - so when people in specialty roast cafes look at me as I pretend to be a freelance graphic designer, they'll realise I'm looking @ them too.”


This is what dreams are made of

“I'm sat here, eating mini diam bars from ikea, thinking about what to do next. I have some orders I need to fulfil myself. I'm sat here, searching. I need some cool new tape that will give me both pleasure and use. As the diam wrappers start to pile up to create a wall around me, I find Fulfilment Services Ltd. I find this tape. Florence's tape. I can't believe what is right in front of me. I stand up, my diam wrappers fall to the floor. I use them like confetti to express my utter joy. I can't wait to be fulfilled by you. You bought joy to my diam filled state.”


Scare off the delivery thieves

“What better way to ward off those delivery thieves than this clearly marked tape- surely they won't steal my packages if they're so clearly tracked. Who needs surveillance when you've got tape. FSL providing me with the security I need once again!”


Stylish and anti capitalist!

“What better way to middle finger the system and take a stand than to wear it on your tee? Eco and fair-trade material too, couldn't ask for more. D.N.A's message on the conversation about crisis is ever important today and if you're not part of the movement then what are you doing? Elitism sucks, welcome to the crisis !!”



“A perfect tool for the perfect trickster. Not many people know about curating, the RCA or will ever see this artwork. This makes the tape a weapon of deception unknown to almost all who encounter it. I want it for this reason. I want it because art, curating and expensive art education is exclusive and this work is unknown and will remain so. Having this tape roll will make me feel like an exclusive trickster. I hope more people don't find out about your work.”


CRISIS - the welcoming

“This crisis has been fortold, But yt body supremacy has killed it , has erased it, has silenced it - So i welcome D-N-A fulfilling the return of this telling ,the Indigenous peoples of of our planet has been keeping to original instruction and being protectors of the human and non human relatives - This fulfilment series hitting the streets and the urban construct is at an apt time --LETs also be clear there are many Crises of abrupt negative changes in security, economic, political, or environmental affairs and natural all predicated on the greed of a system that would see us divided - this welcoming makes us aware of what we should still protect , still fight for -”



“Perfect item for sealing boxes. Easy to tear, strongly adhesive, all boxes are sealed tight within 10 seconds. Items inside won't budge out again. Design is classy with white text on black background. Very fashionable. Great for sealing blabbermouths too! Never had a problem with unnecessary people spilling my secrets since receiving this product. 100% recommend. Will repurchase.”


“Ever since I can remember I've enjoyed wrapping parcels to be sent through the post - whether they be birthday presents, artworks, legal documents or whatever else. Securing my parcels with this tape will make that process extra-fulfilling because I like the thought that the parcels self-declare an awareness of their surveilled and monitored status.”





Summer of fulfillment

“After more than a year of lockdown after lockdown, I am beyond thrilled to wear this product and be back in the streets this Summer season. Who knew fulfillment could be so accessible. The truth is that my shopping habits have now completely changed, for the better. I no longer have to either waste time or worry about getting a virus by entering a physical clothing store. All I need is this simple shirt I can order online. I can look good, express myself and feel independent. Fulfillment really is that simple.”



“This t-shirt certainly has a je ne sais quoi to it, doesn't it? It both invites people to wonder what the crisis is, but also asks them to very kindly please leave you alone. In fact, I myself am left wondering what the crisis is, and if in fact it should say "crises" instead because aren't we all embroiled in many crises of our own? Like yeah of course there's the Global Crisis of climate change, the pandemic etc etc but what about all our own existential crises? Perhaps the true Crisis is being unsure which of the infinite crises this shirt is referring to. Nevertheless, I'll certainly be wearing it to keep busybodies away from me while maintaining an air of cool mystery about me.”


Love it

“I will be so fulfilled when I receive this t-shirt, it will be the only one I wear, showing how we can move into an age of minimalism, wearing only one outfit. This will be my climate protest, where everyone on the street will ask me where I got one, and I will say to choose one t-shirt and make your own. We will all be fulfilled, surviving in the crisis. We also will not have much washing to do.”


Wearable Welcoming

“This T-Shirt is welcoming people to wear the welcoming slogan on body, the body becomes a media of transmitting the meaning. This is optimistic somehow but also tragic. Tragic is that telling people the world is full of crisis, while optimistic is as a sentence telling people “no worries, you are not alone, we are together, we give greeting to you, we can figure all these out together”. This is just like how the world works mechanically. Nobody can choose if to come to this world, but there are always people who welcome us to come. The airbrush technique is quick-speed, just like all the decisions we make. No matter the decision is right or not, we are welcomed to do so.”


Sticker bombing

“I must confess that I used them all up within the first day. It is entirely possible that random Brooklynites will see a giant eyed camera sticker looking at them near Precinct 81 police station, or that a bus rider will stumble upon one of the labels in the back of the seat in front of them. I gave on to my kid, she told me she put it by her playground in Carroll Gardens. In fact, I say give it to the kids, they will know what to do with them. Their eyes find spots we miss and those spots are intriguing to minds that operate at a different eye level.”


This is SICK

“The most outstanding hoarding in this project is, I think, Elitism Sucks by D.N.A and this t-shirt? of course nailed the idea of throwing a question on western centred anthropocene. In a way of fulfilling this idea through billboards and t-shirts which is kitsch and witty, this project by D.N.A. absolutely fulfils my thoughts and complaints about the reality we live in. I really want this hand-made funky t-shirt to cherish this project physically! Love this work! You guys nailed it!!”


I love this site

“this kid in school told me I could get free shit here just for posting a comment. who knew? in a market where comments are currency I’m gonna be able to buy whatever the hell I want. I’m 10 years old and my mum won’t give me pocket money. it’s so unfair but I kinda get it, she needs that money for food and rent. all the kids at school have playstations except me. I’ll just have to spend my free time leaving comments instead. my mum spends all day working in a packaging warehouse. this kid at school said my mums job was like a Christmas elf. I dunno if she feels that way. she doesn’t act like an elf, she’s too tired to sing. she told me when she was a kid she wanted to be an artist but then she had me and now we can’t afford it. maybe I’ll tell her about this site. she could design something for you guys. the only problem is we need real money in return, not comments. do you think you guys could help?”


It says “tracked” on it. 5 stars!

“Nice tape. Needed tape so people know that when their item arrives to them it’s has been tracked with care. Far too many people want assurances these days with their packages but I can’t factually and honestly promise that assurance. This tape is good. It does the job.... but if feels weird leaving a review for something I do not yet have.... but at the same time I do need assurance and a tracking that I will receive the tape... after all, I met my side of the bargain. Thanks .... ps. also starting to think you’ve made me work for a £5 tape that I would have happily pay for... so I hope you feel fulfilled, Cz as I fill in, read and check your boxes, I’m honestly slowly getting annoyed... I better get my tape. This is all too much. 5 stars !”

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27.           The Supplier does not exclude liability for: (i) any fraudulent act or omission; or (ii) for death or personal injury caused by negligence or breach of the Supplier’s other legal obligations. Subject to this, the Supplier is not liable for (a) loss which was not reasonably foreseeable to both parties at the time when the Contract was made, or (b) loss (e.g. loss of profit) to the Customer’s business, trade, craft or profession which would not be suffered by a Consumer, because the Supplier believes the Customer is not buying the Goods wholly or mainly for its business, trade, craft or profession.

Governing law, jurisdiction and complaints

28.           We try to avoid any dispute, so we deal with complaints in the following way: Fulfilment Services Ltd. does not accept complaints. We fulfil you and our job is done. If you really need us, send an e-mail to