We are just animals, humans, and machines getting on together in specific lifeworlds

Experience the work

Listen from 1 – 31 May 2021 and 1 – 31 August 2021
Location: Furtherfield, London N4 2NQ

Lisa Hall and Hannah Kemp-Welch present a listening experience, commissioned by breath mark and Furtherfield, taking you on a journey through the park, suggesting new ways of experiencing this vital green space. Turning up the volume on non-human inhabitants in Finsbury Park, the sonic artwork creates moments of connection between strangers of all species.

You can tune into the voices of different user groups and sounds of many species on your digital devices: scan a QR code located outside of the Furtherfield Gallery to open a  sound-based navigation system, developed in collaboration with Studio Hyte. This leads you to a place where you can pause, listen and consider the social and ecological concerns of the area. The destination serves as a meeting point, forming new, shifting listening communities across the park and amplifying the voices of local park-user groups.

We are just animals, humans, and machines getting on together in specific lifeworlds will be on display again from 1 until 31 August. It will be voted on by visitors through the CultureStake voting system, and has the potential to be expanded into a three-part listening experience that takes the themes of connection across species further in the autumn.

We are just animals, humans, and machines getting on together in specific lifeworlds is curated by students from the MA Curating Contemporary Art Programme as part of the Graduate Projects 2021, Royal College of Art in partnership with Furtherfield.


Lisa Hall and Hannah Kemp-Welch

Lisa Hall is a sound artist exploring how environments are built in sound, while Hannah Kemp-Welch is a socially engaged artist concerned with listening. Hannah and Lisa met at London College of Communication, while studying MA Sound Arts in 2010. They share an interest in public and private spaces, and how sound and audio technologies build networks and tell stories that often can’t be seen. They have collaborated on sound art projects for performances and installations at Tate Modern, CRiSAP, and Sound Reasons Festival: New Delhi.

Project Partner


Furtherfield is London’s longest running art and technology (de)centre. With 25 years of experience, through 50+ exhibitions, and over 100 international partnerships, they have developed expertise in alternative systems of organisation and co-creation. Furtherfield’s work has been featured by the BBC, in the Guardian, the New Scientist, Wired, The Art Newspaper and Hyperallergic. Highlighted on the Piccadilly Line tube map of key destinations – alongside Buckingham Palace – Furtherfield Gallery is situated on the southern edge of the Borough of Haringey, the UK’s local authority with the highest levels of income inequality.

Furtherfield strives to produce work that gives people a shared sense of ownership of their lives and localities. In 2021, through ‘The People’s Park Plinth’ project, they are imagining the whole of Finsbury Park as a platform for public digital art through which people can explore a range of artworks and then choose the one they want to experience further. Furtherfield thinks it’s time to reactivate our public spaces as vast platforms, not just for shared experiences but for choices we make together!