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b r e a t h ———— m a r k   invites you to pause for a second.

Look for companions around you. 

Draw closer to the unheard, the silenced, the unwanted sounds. 

Tune in, feel, communicate.

Extend your senses and rest within them.

Inspired by musical scores, we chose the symbol of a breath mark to represent ourselves as a curatorial collective. We understand a breath mark as an indication of a pause that reminds us to rethink the fast-paced tempo of our daily lives. Besides punctuating musical notation, a breath mark also opens up a space for critical reflection and reveals things that have been lost in the constant repetition of quotidian tasks. Sometimes even a trivial reminder to rest in the middle of our busy days and to catch our breath can reshape how we perceive our surroundings.

This digital microsite is a reading room, part of a programme of extended public engagement, allowing audiences to further explore the artwork’s themes. We encourage visitors to extend their experiences through the texts, sounds and videos here.

We are just animals, humans, and machines getting on together in specific lifeworlds is curated by students from the MA Curating Contemporary Art Programme as part of the Graduate Projects 2021, Royal College of Art in partnership with Furtherfield.

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