The Varley Memorial Award

The Varley Memorial Award was set up in 1989 by the Honourable
Elizabeth Varley, in memory of her husband, Colonel Varley CBE.
Elizabeth was the driving force of this award until her death in 2002.
Background to the Awards

Colonel Varley, was a member of the College Council during the 1960s. He founded and ran Colman, Prentis and Varley (CPV) – an internationally successful advertising agency that was greatly admired for its high quality and innovative use of graphics.

Each year, during the Summer Term, the College shortlists five or six first year students in Visual Communication who are invited to present their work to a panel of judges. In 2013 the winner was presented with a cheque for £750. In 2018 the Award rose to £2000  and in 2019 to two awards of £2000 each.. The start-up fund for the Awards was raised by the History of Advertising Trust in 1987 and is administered by the College as a Charitable Trust.

On 8 May 2013 we celebrated the Twenty Fifth Anniversary of the Award in the Senior Common Room at the Royal College of Art. View the party web album.


Award Winners 1989 – 2013 and 2014 – 2019

1989 Paul Neale

1990 Nick Loat
Nicola Shortridge
Gordon Davey
Mathias Augustyniak

1991 Michele Jannuzzi

1992 Mark Bonner
Cecile Blegent

1993 Stefan Bufler
George Lewis
Andrew Gibbs
Michaela Magas

1994 Marina Willer
Graham Evans

1995 Adrian Philpott
Susen Vural

1996 Holger Jacobs

1997 Vicci Ward

1998 Frank Philippin

1999 Tim Balaam

2000 Jo Taylor

2001 Lars Kirk

2002 Graham Mansfield

2003 Thea Swayne

2004 Salvatore Rubbino

2005 Joshua Balgos

2006 Liz Jackson

2007 Catrin Morgan

2008 Chloe King

2009 Robin Howie

2010 Holly Francis

2011 Thomas Dowse
Patric Sandri

2012 Jack Llewellyn

2013 Alida Sayer

2014 Andrew Brash

2015 Lara Al-hadeedi

2016 Leen Charafeddine

2017 Woongroo Youn

2018 Pamela Dimitrov
Zea Lindstrom

2019 Emily Schofield
Ricky Stoch

2020 Wing Shan Wong
Louise Gholam  &
Dougal Verinder Gedge


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