Islands: Sheppey Expedition

Project Leaders: Laura Copsey (VisComm) Emma Harry (VisComm)

Number of participants: 10

Duration: 5 days (some days will be half days)

Given all the political going’s on, we have become interested in Islands – borders, utopias as well as the seclusion/isolation and unique historical functions and ecosystems islands have developed. Islands often serve unusual functions related to their isolation (prison, hermitage, colony) and can adopt unique societal structure and culture. The topic fits both of us in terms of practice – we are united by an interest in the trace and layers which for Emma resonates around geology and for Laura surrounds history and narrative. During this week we will be going on a two day expedition to the Isle of Sheppey in Kent. We have identified Sheppey as an interesting location to explore as it has interesting historical and natural history, it even had a Shepxit campaign for independence from the UK. We will run ‘walkshops’ producing work informed by the walk, the island and the discussions we have. On returning to London we will reflect and develop work in preparation for an exhibition.

Day 1 – Introductory day: Exploring the concept and what it means to be an islander via talks and workshops.

Day 2 and Day 3 – Expedition to the Isle of Sheppey: Overnight stay at a caravan site. We will be walking. Participants will be encouraged to run workshops for each other whilst on the trip. Cost of accommodation will be covered but participants will have to buy their own train tickets and food.

Day 4 – AM – Workshop exploring political implications of being an islander with Laura Gordon (VisComm tutor)

PM – independent development of work

Day 5 – AM – crit of work and prep for our exhibition which will be on the 16th -19th November at the Hockney Gallery in Kensington. Participants will be required to exhibit their outcomes.

PM – independent development of work


Install : Wednesday 15th November

Private view : Thursday 16th November

Take down : Sunday 19th November