La Nuit, Je Mens (At Night, I Lie)

Project Leads: Rain Wu (Architecture Alumni, 2013), Clio Capeille (Architecture Alumni, 2013)

Number of Participants: 20

Duration: 5 days

Project Overview: La nuit, je mens ​is an exploration on nocturnal landscapes with the aim to produce artefacts to (re)imagine, (re)think and (re)create Nighttime narratives.
Nighttime, a space where lies become more truthful than the reality of the day, challenges and confronts daytime conventions, and consequently defies traditional ways of representation while imposing its own identity.

The workshop will be structured over 5 days to examine nighttime through different critical perspectives: socio-economic, political, environmental, biological, sensorial
and so on, to eventually produce an artefact with a nighttime narrative by each participant.


Monday- Wednesday:

Participants work in groups of 2-4 people.

  • Present precedent projects to participants as reference points.
  • Round table discussions on gathered facts, articles, objects etc around nighttime narratives.
  • There will be an investigation on a critical aspect of nighttime narratives each day, e.g. sociological, political, economical, environmental, biological and sensorial…
  • Optional night walks with participants.


  • Participants prepare for the final presentation


  • Presentation of each participant’s nighttime artefacts.