Frugal Design

Project Leaders:  Sadhvi Jawa

Number of participants: 12

Duration: 4 days

Frugal Design is about finding new ways of seeing an object and it’s use. The workshop will focus on scavenging materials in and around college and one’s own home to find new uses of them. Materials that
are termed as waste or excess.

Can one ‘not buy’ a material in this world of over-using resources and still make something aesthetically appealing or functional or both?

We will make LOOMS and create TAPESTRIES on them from found materials and objects redefining their identities and nature, and inventing our own tools in the process. The brief is very specific, to understand the creative energy of limitations and find their solutions.


Day 1
1.Introduction to basic weave (interlacing of threads) and the idea of loom.
2. Varied objects will be given to choose from to make a loom out of it and create tapestries in it.
3. Go out on a walk to find objects and materials to bring back on the next day.

Day 2
1.Make your own loom, by using one or more objects that is collected from the walk. Once done with the loom, stretch the warp in whichever way possible way to make tapestry.

Day 3 & 4
Working in two groups
Make a life size loom-
1. Move outside of the classroom and find spaces and objects that can become loom, stretch the warp, collaboratively make tapestry. You are free to make it like an event and invite others to participate in weaving.