Project Lead: Claire Mouton and Céline Strolz

Number of participants: 16

Duration: 3 days

Project Outline:
This 3-day workshop project is focused on rethinking the understanding of publishing and of distribution. Build as a cross-disciplinary project it is not limited to visual communicators or designers and will look at publishing from a broad point of view. The aim of this short project is to challenge our existing understanding of both publishing and distribution.

Does cooking mean publishing?
Does screaming mean publishing?
Does walking mean publishing?
Does singing mean publishing?
Does playing mean publishing?
Does hiding mean publishing?
Does writing mean publishing?
Does designing mean publishing?
Does dancing mean publishing?
Does talking mean publishing?
Does thinking mean publishing?
Does meeting mean publishing?
Does looking mean publishing?
Does learning mean publishing?

The project is structured in two parts. The first day focuses on making and executing rather than conceptualizing. Second part of the project will last two days. Challenging traditional methods of publishing, students will collectively publish each other’s content and create a model for a ‘hybrid library’. Critically interrogating the notion of publishing, serving the content and considering the reach of distribution will be essential.



Day 1: Wednesday 4th November:
In preparation of the first part of the workshop project, students will be asked to write down their own definition of both publishing and distribution.They will also bring one example or counterexample of either publishing or distribution.

Location: Holborn Viaduct.

Day site specific project.




Day 2 & 3: Thursday 7th & Friday 8th November:

In preparation of the second part of the workshop project, students will be asked to bring one object personal or not (examples: reading material, a button, a cactus, a piece of work, anything you want).

Location: Royal College of Art

Final project: You will be publishing an already existing piece of work. How to transform the piece so it can be distributed. How to make it accessible or not.What is its reach? What is the medium that is best suited?



Challeng—ing the format




Build—ing a ‘hybrid library’.

What is a library?