marion-real-mainMarion is a systemic design researcher that explores social representation transformation that occurs during transitions toward circular economies and cosmopolitan localism. She looks for decolonizing and recreating new imaginaries by both developing creative and visual design tools and using action research as a milestone to experience the intimacy of socio-technical processes.


With a strong theoretical background on user experience design and cognitive engineering, she carried out her phD in 2015 in the South West of France thanks to a collaboration with the engineering school ESTIA and the environment management center APESA. She proposes new tools for identifying and overcoming collective lock-ins/fixations that could be responsible for dilutions or drop outs during the maturation of eco-innovative projects.


Since 2016, she works in the Interreg Europe RETRACE project (Regions TRAnsitioning towards Circular Economy) where she could explore different territorial scales within the systemic design lens. The project consists in participating in 7 interregional field visits with more than 30 good practices presented and in co-designing regional action plans for 5 regions.


Marion recently moved into a specialization in textile and fashion system design and develop synergies with the chair of disruption material and processes created by ESTIA, Lectra, JPS, CETI and their TodayTomorrow textile foundation. She is exploring how convivial technologies, circular economy policies, social dimensions could be integrated in the design of local fashion systems.


She is now integrating the LDOC program in the centre for Circular Design of Chelsea College of Arts where she will discuss the potential of convivial technologies and local production networks through different circular fashion speed narratives. The postdoctoral study is part of the Mistra Future project and will be realized in partnership with the internal team (Helen Paine, Kate Goldsworthy and Rebecca Earley) and external stakeholders.


Research networks: Research in Systemic Design community (RSD), Design Research Society (DRS), French Ecodesign network for sustainable systems (ECOSD), New Business Model group (NBM), Degrowh movement, Projectics.



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