victoria-squareBetween the worlds of Fashion, Art, Science and Technology, Victoria Geaney’s work as an interdisciplinary and conceptual fashion designer examines the intersections between these areas. Informed by the emerging Metamodern movement, Victoria produces multidisciplinary work with an environmental pulse.


An ongoing association with Imperial College, London, has seen Victoria create pieces formed from a self-cleaning nanotechnology fabric for the Women in Science, Engineering and Technology exhibition at Imperial, as well as her latest collaboration assisting the 2014 iGEM team on the Aqualose project shown at the iGEM Conference and Imperial Festival.


Victoria graduated with first class honours in Fashion from the University for the Creative Arts, Epsom, in 2010 and has since sold designs on ASOS, shown work at Milan Fashion Week, the Victoria and Albert Museum and London’s O2, and featured in magazines such as Nylon and U+Mag.