Rhian is a maker, and design researcher exploring cross-disciplinary interactions between design and health sectors. Completing a BA in Materials Practice, her projects conceptually explore emotional and technological relationships between skin and cloth, the body and dress.


Rhian specialises in brokering interactions between medical, material and design sectors, exploring craft as a connective language for sharing ‘bodily experience’ between interdisciplinary groups. Her aim, is to enhance empathy and communication during generative phases of product and service development.


Rhian has previously facilitated collaborative projects between plastic surgeons of Guys and St Thomas’ Hospital London and Tailors from Henry Poole of Savile Row. More recently she has consulted on patient led co-design projects for Kings College London and been designer in residence in the breast reconstruction clinic of The Welsh Centre for Burns and Plastic surgery.


Alongside her PhD research, Rhian is co-founder of OurOwnsKIN, a design consultancy rethinking design for the body. She is also a Lecturer at University of the Arts London and Nottingham Trent University.