Alison_Prendiville-squareDr. Alison Prendiville is Course Director for the Service Design Innovation course at LCC University of the Arts London. She has recently completed, as Co-Investigator, the AHRC funded Mapping and Developing Service Design Research in the UK. Currently she is Co-Investigator for the AHRC DeSID (Design for Service Innovation and Development) project. Alison’s PhD was one of the first research projects linking the specification of engineering hardware in public transport with the design of the passenger service experience. In parallel she worked on the MIMIC (Modality, Intermodality and Interchange) Framework IV EU programme investigating barriers to the seamless journey. More recent research has focused on digital services in the public sector (local government and healthcare). Her teaching spans eighteen years, with extensive experience in Product and Service Design teaching. She has taught at a number of UK universities, and undertaken and facilitated multidisciplinary workshops in the UK and Internationally for teaching and research purposes. In addition she is a judge for Ordnance Surveys Geovation Challenge, an open innovation challenge that focuses on the application of geographic data, societal issues and service design solutions. Her interests encompass design, anthropology, and science and technology, intersecting with societal challenges. She has an MA (RCA) in Design Management and an MSc in Digital Anthropology from UCL.


She has examined PhDs in the following disciplines: Service Design, Artificial Intelligence and Human Computer Interaction and she is currently supervising PhDs in Service Design and Healthcare, Strategy in the Creative Industries, Narrative Product Interactions and Cultural translations in Global Luxury Brands.