Wear (perform) Your Jewellery

Project Leaders: Azure Zhang, Eva Melnika

Number of participants: 15 students

Duration: 3 days


This project looks into the subtle part of people wearing or interacting with jewellery and present it as performance. For example, how people hold a ring and put it onto the body, how a necklace touches the neck. This project will consider these details as the elements for the performance. Participants are encouraged to bring their own jewellery and try to perform with it, or they can even think beyond the concept jewellery. Filming this from different perspectives could also be an interesting point to explore. The outcome probably will be an edited film showing participants’ understanding of the interaction between themselves and jewellery.


Day 1

11-13  Project briefing Q&A, participants self introduction.

13-14  Lunch break.

14-17  Allocating groups, two to three persons per group (best include students from

various courses). Group discussion on the project.

Guiding their exploration of the interests on the topic. For example, what kind of

jewellery do they usually wear? Is there some habits of wearing jewellery? What

messages do they try to convey or communicate by wearing jewellery?

Day 2

10-13  Guest lecture and Q&A. Tutorials with each group and help them build their ideas.

13-14  Lunch break

14-17  Practice filming using mobile phones or camera.

Informal presentation from each group, review and discussion.

17-18  Preparing for the exhibitions (Screen, power, etc) Only for leaders.

Day 3

10-15 Help with film editing.

15- Film editing and exhibition.