Designing Circular Users Behaviours (DCUB) is a research project that explores the potential of experiential design in activating Circular Economy frameworks and policies (technical systems), in order to enable consumer goods brands to create products, services and environments, that will alter current, unsustainable consumer patterns to circular user behaviours, and will enable a co-production of knowledge, between producers and consumers.


DCUB seeks to help established brands that have an interest in circular economy, to realise how important user’s experience and behaviour is in the flow of products and materials, and to help these businesses realise the value of the user as a stakeholder, or a community of stakeholders before, during, and after their transition to circular business models.


The DCUB aim is to use circular economy frameworks in order to create products, services and spaces that could transform the current unsustainable user consumption patterns into circular user behaviours, by challenging and disturbing human-centred design, that has resulted in our current unsustainable living patterns of production and consumption, into an enviro-centred and socio-centred design, where the user (or community of users) is part of the product journey.


The overall goal is to create synergies between businesses and consumers, encourage and equip them to an easy transit towards the circular movement by acting and living in an environmentally restorative, socially inclusive, and economically viable way.


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