7 Designing Ritualistic Mobility Experiences: Demo Creation

Exhibition at the London Design Festival 2018.


To demonstrate the theme Pre-journey preparation we developed the concept Ready…Steady…Relax. We produced an animation showing how a driver could interact with the car when using a vehicle-sharing scheme. The concept is designed to support and help people to set up an unfamiliar car by following prompts regarding the order of preparation, safety checks and adjustments presented to them. The information is displayed on the dashboard and personalised for the driver. Their startup routine or in-car rituals are supported by highlighting what procedure they need to follow in the vehicle. This makes them feel welcome, comfortable, safe and focused for the drive.

Ready…Steady…Relax scenario video.

Driving Whisper

To demonstrate the theme Communication when driving we made a lighting installation concept Driving Whisper representing the measurement of time and journey progression. We developed a subtle experience, by dimming and increasing light in the dashboard-area. The users’ are discretely updated as their journey progresses without having to check or calculate. It was designed so that it would not distract from the action of driving.

Driving Whisper scenario video.

Motoring Makeovers

The theme Circular vehicle upgrading services was developed into the concept Motoring Makeovers. We created an interactive display where visitors could use a tablet to experience our concept for a circular material upgrade system. This would offer a more environmentally responsible recovery of materials and allow people to customise their car interiors. We had a physical display of various materials that people could choose from, which were ethically and sustainably sourced. When they held the tablet over a material sample, information about it was shown on the screen, such as the country of origin, environmental credentials, ethics and end-of-life recovery options. After selecting materials and component parts they were able to use the tablet to augment reality and visualise their material choices on the tablet.

Motoring Makeovers scenario video.

Public response to the exhibition

A diverse range of people visited the exhibition: mobility industry professionals, enterprises, students from schools in London and city dwellers. They provided constructive feedback and comments. The reaction from the mobility experts was centred around the development these concepts could lead to in terms of product advancement. The Motoring Makeovers scenario received the most interest because of the concept’s potential for creating a market niche by offering after-purchase upgrades and personalisation. The Driving Whisper concept developed to communicate and guide users through subtle, sensory indications was positively received. The concept Ready…Steady…Relax received feedback related to people’s own driving experiences, there was interest in shortening the process and reducing the startup sequence steps.

Emotional Tech concepts on display at the London Design Festival 2018.


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