Project Lead: Lucy Holt, Harri Welch and Fiona Glen

Number of participants: 20

Duration: 3 days

Project Outline:
This three-day workshop is open to all, with a focus on opening up the possibilities of text for practice-based students. We will explore writing around artworks, text as material and publishing as an artistic practice. We will develop approaches and techniques that can help artists to write within or alongside their practice.

Participants will be encouraged to involve their practice in the workshop. We will then read a select, accessible handful of texts introducing the different potentialities of writing which we will explore together.

We will follow the lines of enquiry drawn from this collective reading session into live writing exercises, with the help of prompts, in-situ exercises, and a site visit on the second day. After, we will exchange our findings and thoughts about writing from objects.

On the final day of the workshop, we will explore how our ekphrastic texts can work together to form a printed mini-publication. We will edit and compile our writings into a flash publication and host an informal ‘launch’ with readings. This day will be a chance for the group to investigate publishing as an art practice and the role of print distribution in a digital media landscape.

The tone of the workshop will be fast-paced, encouraging and experimental – no previous writing experience is necessary. We welcome participants with as many practical backgrounds as possible.

Photo by Samuel Zeller on Unsplash


Day 1: Monday 4th November:
 Introduction from participants and facilitators
PM- Short critical reading seminar with pre-arranged texts

Day 2: Tuesday 5th November:
 London-based Gallery/site visit
PM- Live writing exercise and discussion

Day 3: Wednesday 6th November:
 Compiling/editing of publication based on writing workshops
PM- ‘Launch’ and discussion of workshop/reflection on work