Project Lead: Magda Tritto, Bakhtawer Haider and Emily Schofield

Number of participants: 16

Duration: 4 days

Project Outline:

In this workshop we ask our participating group of students to respond to a written extract through a performative, rather than visual medium. The purpose of this workshop is to explore the different ways students resonate with the same piece of text. By limiting the students to the creative freedom of performance, we get a glimpse of their subconscious, visceral reaction. Our goal is to allow the students to discover a way to express themselves by utilising the space around them, with a narrative in mind. Without the aid of language, students are compelled to find to communicating visually; using the concept of shapes, rhythms and patterns. Each group of students will be invited to perform the content, which will be documented, photographed and recorded. This will then be turned into a collective publication.


Day 1: Monday 4th November:
The first day will be spent doing ice breakers and performance exercises which will help introduce the students to each other.

Day 2: Tuesday 5th November:
After dividing people in groups, we will provide them a piece of written text. The day will be spent creating a critical discussion around the writing.

Day 3: Wednesday 6th November: 
On the third day each group will start creating a performance piece in response to the text.

Day 4: Thursday 7th November: 
On the final day, the performance is documented and translated into a collective visual publication.