Unlearn Time

Project Leaders: Dr Helga Schmid

Number of participants: 12

Duration: 5 days

Forward, breathless, progress, unquestioned, 24/7, acceleration, high-speed, intensity, instantaneous, pressure.

The project ‘Unlearning Time’ addresses our current time-crisis and the feeling of ‘no time’.

Free yourself from the boundaries of clocks and calendars and open up for new ways of understanding and using time. Smash the clock–it’s time for ‘Uchronian’ thinking.

Image: Metropolis, Fritz Lang, Film Still. 1927


Monday / Time-Crisis and Time-Givers
Morning session: No Time – An Introduction
Afternoon session: Thinking about time-givers and forming time collectives

Tuesday to Thursday / Time Experiment (48 hours)
48h Experiment: Each time collective will live/test their time-giver for the period of 48
hours. Please be aware, that you have to be free for the course of 48 hours!

Thursday / Time Experience
Individual group sessions: Reflections on the new time system

Friday / Unlearn Time – Presentation
Project presentation of each time communities followed by an open discussion.