Project Lead: Linnea Langfjord Kristensen

Number of participants: 20

Duration: 3 days

Project Outline:
The Poetic and Performative Fold is about a performative method based on poetry, interpretation, relation and performance. The goal of the project is to introduce a different way of making performance-as-method part of your creative practice. The folding-method proposes an alternative relation between ‘author/creator’ and ‘performer’. Through performative exercises, readings, discussions and performance-making we will develop the method with the participants for their own practices. The participants will further interpret the method and develop their own performances in groups.
The project is developed with Nick Hale, one of the performers the folding-method was created with, and George Finlay Ramsay, a visual & performance artist who will lead various operations, rituals and services towards unfolding, unlearning, and undoing in order to factor in emotional lives & the nature of creative processes.
The method connects to the theory of the fold by Gilles Deleuze and the practice Affidamento by the feminist cooperative The Milan Women’s Bookstore Cooperative. Affidamento is a practice-of entrustment, relation and an exercise in passing on authority through trust. Both will be presented to the project participants.

Everyone in the project interprets the folding-method and in groups develop performances. On
the evening of the final day they will be performed for the public. This will be filmed (with the
consent of the participants).

Learning outcomes:
Through this supportive project environment, we hope to unfold a different way to include
performance-as-method in the participants creative practice and further introduce:
• A different way of relating to performance making
• A different way of relating to others
• Passing on authority through trust
• A new method for performance making


Day 1: Tuesday 5th November:
– Introduction to the 3-day project The Poetic and Performative Fold.
– Introduction to The Folding Method.
– Introduction to the theory of the fold and the practice Affidamento.
– George + Unfold Yr Own Myth – short Feldenkrais lesson

– George + Unfold Yr Own Myth
– Sonic Mediation
– A ritual on undoing

Day 2: Wednesday 6th November:
– Thoughts on yesterday + introduction to today.
– Collective reading of the folding poem.
– Nick Hale performs The Fold.
– Discussion of the piece collectively.

– We all perform The Fold together (based on Nick’s interpretation).
– Everyone breaks into smaller groups, discussing how it was to perform the piece. They will start
developing their own performances together.

Day 3: Thursday 7th November:
– Thoughts on yesterday.
– Working on the performances people are developing.

– Working on the performances people are developing.
–  Prepare for public performance.

– Public performance.