Play – A Design Project

Project Leaders: Yu Lun Eve Lin, Claire Pajaczkowska, Harriet Harris

Number of participants: 15

Duration: 5 days


Imagine setting into a fast paced design process within a short period of time and getting a lot of ‘results’ done. From collage a mood board, pick colour palates, all about the silhouettes/body movement through observations, drawing or collaging an image of 6-8 wearable pieces and of course, the presentation.

The workshop welcomes students from all areas whom are interested in ‘play’ a role and experience the intensity of the process through ‘Play_a design project’. The relationship between body and material. The discussions of the awareness around senses when the work is all around human body. What is the design thinking behind it? Why apply these colours? Should there be any functions in details? Should ‘attention to details’ be large or small and why? Could the result lead to an art installation?

The thin line in taking steps between a design piece and an artwork.

Can the word ‘fashion’ be in it? If so, what is next? How to be outrageous after choosing which side of the thin line you take? Can you play the rules by the role you are in or play around them?


Day 1_ Monday 30th Oct


Introcudtion+ Conversation_Concepts and visual boards

/Seeing & Unseeing/

A:Concepts in forms workshop. _ Think and question ‘outside of the box’

– Challenge the possibilities and the means of fashion through creating mood boards.


About ‘Play’_ a talk by Prof. Claire Pajaczkowska

Then follow with a relaxing Q&A conversation with a cup of tea.

Day 2_Tuesday 1st Nov


B:Follow the line workshop. (The space between the body and material)

– Silhouettes Drawing exercise(paper will be provided).


About ‘Material and Construction’_ a talk by Architecture tutor Harriet Harris.

Day 3_Wednesday 2nd Nov


C: About colours and material possibilities. (Frabic will be provided.)

Outrageous ways of putting colours on fabrics and why?


Expressions and identities through C.

Day 4_Thursday 3rd Nov


D: Conversation_Refelction: Senses

Reflections from A+B+C+D into ‘Draping the body’ exercise C.


E: Extraction design workshop from A+B+C+D.

Day 5_Friday 4th Nov


Reconstraction of E from A+B+C+D.

Plan and compose a cohisive presentation from the previous exercises.


Presentation & discussions. _with Prof. Claire Pajaczkowska +Eve