One Tool One Stool

Exploring tools and users, rules and how to overcome them.

Project Leaders: Alon Meron

Number of participants: 25

Duration: 5 days


One Tool One Stool is about the versatility of tools and people, questioning what a tool is, naming ‘tools’ and exploring what ‘work’ they do and how.

Operating through immediate effects of simple tools, the brief promotes a specialist state of mind.

In spending time using a tool, new principles, new qualities are discovered prompting new ideas. Work becomes a pursuit of new discoveries and applications.

The brief is strict, for a reason. It’s an exercise in understanding rules to overcome them.

This workshop is a full on week. Work will be done through a series of short burst briefs followed by a deeper 2-3 day stage.


  • Pre Brief: One Tool

Bring with you your single most meaningful tool and present it. You should be able to explain in no more than 5 sentences what makes it a tool, where lies its greatness and what value it holds for you.


The tool must be a physical tool with a tangible effect on some kind of matter.

If your chosen tool is elsewhere and too large to bring in (e.g. steam roller parked outside), make sure you can make it work with the very tight schedule of the workshop.

No 3D printers allowed.

The workshop will evolve in stages, students will not see all the briefs beforehand.