Motion Image Film Competition

Project Leaders: Harry Johns, Pablo Mollenhauer, Roddy Canas

Number of participants: up to 50 (up to 10 groups, max. 5 per group)

Duration: 3 days

A film Competition for small teams of students, each from different disciplines who have to, under a limited time constraint, (72 hours) produce a film to a brief.

The brief will consist of a Film Title, a prop, and a line of dialogue, all of which must be included in the film. The film is no longer than 5 mins excluding titles.
The rest of the film is up to the student team to interpret and create how they wish.

The films are then screened back to back at a screening, which will also be a networking


Day 1 

AM: Meet and Greet & group formation, in a lecture theatre.

PM: Group work on film

Day 2

Group work on film

Day 3

AM: Project hand-in

PM: Screening of films