Making Connections

Project Leaders:  Jasleen Kaur (ReachOutRCA), Jessie Brennan (ReachOutRCA)

Aims of the Project:  Making Connections is a three-day project that invites you to share your practice, make new connections between different disciplines and explore the ‘workshop’ as a practical model for working with others. Within a supportive and inspiring context you will explore key concepts such as collaboration, performance, process and risk-taking through critical and hands-on activities. By taking part you will also consider socially engaged practice and the politics of participation, namely: can participation be emancipatory or does it, in fact, reproduce existing power relations? What are the different modes and qualities of engagement? Whom is it for?

Group size:  Up to 30.

Timetable :
Day One: 10am – 3.30pm
The first day of the project will be spent exploring students’ approaches and methodology in their own work through a series of short practical based activities. The afternoon session will group students to devise activities for the rest of the workshop to take part in. The day will allow students to share their work and interests with each other in order to find common ground and explore how these approaches might lead to workshop methodologies.

Day Two: 10am – 3:30pm
The second day will look at learning and teaching in relation to creative practice through discussion, case studies, and collaboration in small groups. The workshop brief for the rest of the project will be set. The afternoon will be based at the V&A in small groups to devise a practical workshop to involve the rest of the group on Day Three.

Day Three: 10am – 3.30pm
On the third day, each group of students will deliver a short workshop to the rest of the group and invited guest participants at the V&A. We will finish with a group round-up and feedback.