Inspiring Children Through Design

Project Leaders: Culainn Boland Shanahan, Jupone Wong

Number of participants: 20

Duration: 5 days


This design project aims to teach children in primary school the real value in design and to inspire them to become artists and designers.

The project has run numerous design education lessons in several primary schools in the local area, teaching children design as a way to solve real world challenges. The initial brief was to improve active travel, and through our process of children came up with ideas such as a floating orb with a disco ball in it, as well as a flying bicycle that cleans the air when you cycle it.

We’re now asking you to help develop these ideas further to inspire the children to see what their ideas could become one day. We’ll then host an exhibition with you and the children to celebrate art and design.


Monday – Introduction to the project and other students, intro to children’s projects.

Tuesday – Finishing introduction to children’s projects, planning, initial ideas, sourcing materials.

Wednesday – Draft (models, sketches, renderings), Starting final piece or pieces and planning for pop-up exhibition.

Thursday – Finishing final piece or pieces and pop up exhibition

Friday – Pop up exhibition with children coming in from schools