Project Lead: Qona Rankin

Number of participants: 15

Duration: 5 days

Project Outline:

The project will include an opportunity to improve understanding of neurodiversity by meeting neurodiverse individuals and working in cross college teams to develop projects/systems to improve communication opportunities. The outcomes of the project could include, films, online interactive activities, and possibly an exhibition.


Day 1: Monday 4th November:
AM – 
Briefing discussion around neurodiversity, sharing experiences and any examples of good practice potential visit to Heartnsoul @ the Hub Welcome museum.
PM – 
Michael Barton  experienced speaker on autism and Asperger’s syndrome will deliver his talk Straight from the Horse’s Mouth which will be followed by a Q and A session and a discussion of students’ initial thoughts and emergent themes.

Day 2: Tuesday 5th November: 
(Unsupervised, all day) Students continue conversations, time for reflection and research.

Day 3: Wednesday 6th November: 
AM – Progress meetings to agree a structure for the projects and also formatting details.
PM – Agree what is going to be produced and who is responsible for the various tasks

Day 4: Thursday 7th November:
(Unsupervised, all day) Students continue to work in groups to produce and format their outcomes.

Day 5: Friday 8th November: 
AM – Completion of projects
PM – Students present their projects to the group, for feedback and discussions about possible ways forward.