Project Lead: Morgan Markey

Number of participants: 10

Duration: 4 days

Project Outline:

This project will revolve around improving photography and editing skills. I would like to lead team of students interested in setting up and designing a still life scene with fruit and or flowers. This would be an opportunity to collaborate and learn from each other to find alternative/interesting light sources/ways to design and curate, to ultimately create professional/beautiful still life photos that express a mood. I would encourage students to work on either digital or film formats whichever medium they prefer. At the end of the workshop would like to print and show our photographs.


Day 1: Monday 4th November
Discussion day, everyone discusses what photography experience they have, who are some of the artists they follow and ideas for how to frame a still life on camera, discuss techniques, sketch out some ideas.

Day 2: Tuesday 5th November
Curate the shot.
Everyone will gather in a well-lit room and begin to set up the fruits, fabric and flowers provided.
Five people will curate and shoot from 9:00am- 12pm and the second group from 12:30pm- 3:30pm.

Day 3: Wednesday 6th November
Photo editing day.

Day 4: Thursday 7th November
Photo editing day and presentation.