Body and Space

Project Leads: Ricarda Wolf, Sari Räthel

By Lucy McRae

Project Outline: This 3-day workshop explores the notion of the body and its surroundings through body manipulation and objects connecting bodies and spaces. Inspired by a quote students are invited to work in pairs from image research, experimenting with materials around their bodies, to building body-related props.

How does the body interact with materials, how can they connect the body with its surroundings? The outcomes will be photographed on day 3 by fashion photographer Eliška Kyselková, where each group gets the chance to set up their installation and get it captured in a photoshoot.

By Nara Lee

1. Presentation of ourselves, project briefing and context
2. Introduction of students
3. Pairing up students ideally from different disciplines
4. Researching quote and inspiration images/ mood board

5. Finalising mood board
6. 3pm Get together, short crit
7. Collecting materials for next day

WORK DAY 10am – 5pm
Experimenting with materials around the body, building props, working freely using
workshops or anything is needed to complete ideas. Everything has to be movable to be
able to be set up in the photo studio for the next day.

PHOTOSHOOT DAY with Eliška Kyselková
Start 9am

Each group gets 1.5 hours slot for set up and photoshoot.
4:30 pm get together – presenting the work and celebrate

By Eliška Kyselková