Project Lead: Rosa Fernández Cerdán

Number of participants:  20

Duration: 1 day

Project Outline: 

Action-Read it is methodological tool which is aimed at aiding the collaborative process between different parties (setting a standard for minimum requirements), alleviating tensions which may arise, tending to the expectations, aptitudes, and the common goals of all parties. Action Read intends to be a tool to favour and ease collaboration, where individual (individual participants), collective (defined groups) and common (the interest of society as a whole as well as that of participants on a personal level) goals and interests are combined in a balanced manner. Action Read is intended for participants to have a first hand experience of the methodology and change in paradigm which is proposed by collective creation. Throughout the session, we will test drive exercises and games derived from the methodology regarding particular situations which participants have to deal with on a daily basis. The workshop will kick off with a theoretical presentation about the methodology : objectives, applied usage and tools to be followed by games and exercises. The lab is for people from all walks of life who may be interested in the world of collective creation techniques in any a number of fields (education, language, art, team building, social work, community development) and it really does not matter if participants have never done anything like this before. Those who participate in the workshops will be provided with basic tools and a skill set based on the essential components so as to ensure horizontal co-creation.


Day 1: Thursday 7th November
4 hour workshop
9:30 to 13:30